20 January 2011

* Kempiskan Perut Dalam Masa 3 Minit

Pagi ni, time Ayun merayau -rayau di internet, tetibe terbaca satu artikel mengenai senaman kempiskan perut dalam masa 3 minit... Senamannya simple jer dan kita  tak perlukan masa yang lama.. Sambil tengok tv pun boleh buat..


150 ~ 180 sec : grab a pillow and put between your legs and squeeze them tight. Contract your bellybutton and touch at the same time (burns like you know what hehe)

I've done it for one week and I can say that my waist shrinked 1,5 cm (I've been doing it twice a day, after waking up and before going to bed). Don't know if it's just a coincidence or not. ACtually if you do it right you'll feel the burn.

The girl from the blog also shared this link. It's also a waist exercise done with a towel. It also stated that you can lose up to 2 cm per 2 weeks.

towel waist exercise


Have a face towel.
Hold the ends of the towel with your arms stretched foward (the way she holds it the video).
Keep your body facing foward (don't bend your stomach).
Move your arms (always stretched) making those eight-like movements.

Important: Hold the towel firmly.
Arms always stretched.
Body facing foward, never bend it, only the arms
move (almost lol)

She says to do it 10 times (each side), but I guess you can do it all you want.

It is not recomended for anyone with back problems or if you feel any kind of pain (the bad kind).

There's a girl that posted on the blog and she said that in just 2 weeks she noticed an tremend amouth of diference. She's almost with a tiny waist (she does it 150 times - 75 each side - a day and then rests for one day) :o

Since I'm sharing these links I've found I'll also share one link (this sounds kind of...well don't know if it's effective but anyways....), it's a leg exercise that promisses to make you legs nice and thin (er...like I said don't blame if it doens't work)

Thin thighs exercise


This video it's about a girl that was large bottomed. Already thin at the top. The first minutes it's about her life before the weight-loss (not very important). She lost 20 Kg. She was even asked to participate in a miss contest.

Exercise # 1 : you stretch your right foot foward, without bending the knees and then point your foot up. In this position you should take your leg back and twist it a bit inside. Watch closelt after 7:15 min. Try to say in
this postion for at least 20 seconds. Do the same with your other leg.

The doctor states that this exercise activates the inside muscles of the legs and that's why the legs go thin.

She says a good tip it's to do it while brishing your teeth or doing the dishes.

Exercise # 2 : when sitting down (working, watching TV) put between your legs the yellow pages (LMAO ...sorry XD) ou some book with the same kind of thickness (~ 5cm). You should spread slightly your legs and then aply pressure on the book to be able to hold it. Do it as much as wanted.

If anyone needs any further explanation about this exercises just post here and I'll translate it from the brazilian blog.

One more thing, if you think this is just fake or whatever don't post at all. I'm just sharing what I found and think it's interesting.
So try it out and Fighting!!!

Credit to blog dietasobcontrole.org and to it's blogger Yoko and topazeyedgirl @ Soompi.. Thanks =)

p/s: Ayun pun nak try jgk la.. :-)

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